District Overview

Situated between river Satluj and Pak Indian border, Bahawalnagar is primarily and dominantly agricultural District. It is connected with Districts Okara, Pakpattan and Vehari on the North, Bahawalpur on the west and Indian territory of Bikaneer and Ferozpur adjoins on the southern and Eastern sides.
Originally Bahawal Nagar was called as Rojhanwali which was re-named as Bahawal Nagar in 1904 on the name of Amir of Bahawalpur, His Highness Bahawal Khan-V. The village of Rojhanwali still exists about 1½ miles in the North of Bahawalnagar City. The City of Bahawalnagar expanded gradually and was given status of Tehsil in 1914. Simultaneously police post “Chavika” which was established in 1904, situated at a distance of 10 miles from Bahawal Nagar was shifted to Bahawal Nagar and re-named as Bahawal Nagar police post in 1917. After the establishment Satluj Valley Irrigation Project (Canal system for irrigation) the area got a boost and a Grain Market was also established in the City Bahawal Nagar. It got the status of Municipal Committee in 1922. In the past, it was an integral part of District Bahawalpur. It was declared as District in 1941 but was lowered to the level of Tehsil in 1947 and remained so until 1952 when it was again given the separated entity of a District.


It is situated within the Satluj river belt, consisting of the following

  • Mecleod Ganj
  • Mandi Sadiq Ganj
  • Minchinabad
  • Ghumandpur
  • Sadar Bahawal Nagar
  • Madrissa
  • Takhat Mahal
  • Shehr Farid
  • Bakhshan Khan


The area of Uttar is called as settled area, reclaimed with the completion of Satluj Valley Irrigation Project. This area is inhabited by “ABADKARS” migrated from East Punjab and Faisalabad District. It consists of following (09) Police Stations:-

  • Dunga Bunga
  • City Haroonabad
  • Sadar Haroonabad
  • Faqirwali
  • Sadar Chishtian
  • City Chishtian
  • Dahranwala


It consists of deep mass of sand. It is mainly inhabited by nomads who depends upon rainfall and cattle breading. Cholistan Development Authority has been working to improve the conditions of the people of this area. The following (03) Police Stations fall within the jurisdiction of Cholistan

  • Khichiwala
  • Fortabbas
  • Marot